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Emotional Rescue

Emotional literacy is one of the pillars of emotional intelligence and it helps increase engagement, team collaboration and communication. In this workshop we focus on storytelling as the medium through which to learn and practice new skills. Glee Factor designed this creative learning experience using the research-based methodology of “Connect, Play, Grow” to help teams practice emotional awareness within their dynamics.

Skills & Behaviours it strengthens: Emotional awareness, listening

Emotionally aware individuals and teams:

Great for small or large groups.

Workshop Details

Through this workshop, participants will connect with each other, tap into their creativity and explore news tools, skills and behaviours that enable them to solve problems collectively and creatively. Everything you need to create a meaningful and playful learning experience for your team is included in this workshop.

Workshop Kit



Facilitation Guideline

+60 min

$99.99 CAD

Workshop Presentation


*Receive 3 workshops for $249.99 CAD.

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