Curiosity Conversation

This is a DIY activation on Cultivating Curiosity. If you’re comfortable facilitating workshops and are simply looking for material and a detailed learning design to help you create meaningful interactions for your team, this is for you!

Want someone to facilitate? We do that too, simply check the Cultivating Curiosity page for details.

A learner mindset and an inquisitive approach doesn’t only help us develop better products and services, it helps us build better teams by understanding each other's stories and experiences. This activation invites participants to share their personal (i.e. non-work related) interests with colleagues.

Throughout the activation, participants delve into each other’s outside interests, allowing them to think differently about what they do and who they are, while learning to ask the right questions.

This activation teaches teams how to:

  • Openly communicate
  • Listen with no judgement
  • Practice being actively inquisitive
This +45 min activation kit includes digital worksheets and the activation guideline.
$150 CAD
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