Guide to Team Check-ins

People engage in habits to achieve a set of desired outcomes. Habits do the same in the workplace. They support a team to work efficiently and can be a way to change culture and help you establish a framework for being productive.

One of the most important habits in team dynamics are check-ins and check-outs. This daily ritual plays an even more important role with remote teams.

Check-ins (mindset check-ins and icebreakers) and check-outs are important in our team dynamics to:

  • Create a safe context for team members and to encourage creative thinking
Check-ins — both mindset check-ins and icebreakers — help build low-risk environments where participants share and open up. This will help creativity to flourish and set the tone for the rest of the meeting. Participants are more likely to come up with good ideas, be more creatively confident, and express themselves without fear.
  • Get to know each other
Getting to know your coworkers can be a powerful catalyst for better work results. Check-ins and check-outs help your team learn everyone’s perspective, understand each other’s backgrounds and interests, and then start a meaningful conversation.
  • Break down the “work” barrier
Many coworkers only interact with each other in a formal setting, which can lack the personal and human depth of regular conversation. Interactive check-ins and check-outs can significantly connect team members and help them feel more comfortable around each other.
This guide can be used for your meetings (work or non-work), and 1-on-1s. The objective of this guide is to bring the ritual of check-ins and check-outs into your team interactions to improve psychological safety, connection, and presence. This guide includes tips and different categories of questions for inspiration.
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