10 Key Steps to Hosting Better Team Interactions

Brene Brown defines a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential. Being a leader is less about your title and more about your mindset when interacting with colleagues.

This “leader” mindset should be practiced during all collaborative moments and team interactions. When we host meetings, social initiatives, group discussions or one-on-one's, we're responsible for the interactions we've invited others to participate in. As the person leading the session, we should be ready to create a space for connections, new ideas, and potentials to flourish.

With most of our interactions being virtual, it's become crucial to develop the skills and mindset to create engaging meetings of any sort. The most important thing to remember is that a strong leader wears a facilitator hat. A leader who realizes that "we need everyone's contribution to be effective" hosts exchanges that elicit a collective intelligence that can be applied to collective challenges.

This guide will help you become a better facilitator by sharing steps you can follow to create psychological safety, allowing your team to feel comfortable connecting, risking, sharing, learning, challenging and finally, co-creating.

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