Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity is the mother of innovation and also one of the skills needed to develop stronger engagement, and an inclusive work culture. A learner mindset and an inquisitive approach doesn’t only help us develop better products and services, it helps us build better teams by understanding each other's stories and experiences.

This workshop invites participants to share their personal (i.e. non-work related) interests with colleagues. Throughout the workshop, participants delve into each other’s outside interests, causing them to think differently about what they do and who they are, while learning to ask the right questions.

This interactive workshop teaches teams how to:
  • Reflect on a problem
  • Exchange possible solutions in a safe environment
  • Collectively identify the support they need
  • Learn how to ask for and offer help in professional setting

Through this workshop, participants will connect with each other, tap into their creativity and explore news tools, skills and behaviours to solve problems collectively.

Skills & Behaviours it Strengthens:
  • Active participation
  • Team engagement
  • Brainstorming
  • Reflection
  • Collective problem solving
90 min workshops that include digital worksheets.
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