Emotional Awareness

The workplace is a professional, pragmatic place where emotions are often put aside. But emotional awareness, understanding and recognizing our emotions and those of others, is a pillar of emotional intelligence, helping to increase engagement and performance.

This workshop encourages participants to discuss their emotions and receive empathetic feedback from colleagues. This exchange then leads to a discussion of behavioral changes they can make to better accommodate the team’s overall well-being.

This interactive workshop teaches teams how to:
  • Understand and manage their emotions
  • Recognize the emotions of others
  • Practice vulnerability
  • Share emotions in a professional space
  • Display greater empathy and better listening
  • React appropriately to the opinions of others

Through this workshop, participants will connect with each other, tap into their creativity and explore news tools, skills and behaviours that enable them to establish empathetic communication and collaboration patterns.

Skills & Behaviours it Strengthens:
  • Listening
  • Emotional awareness
  • Reflection
  • Reflection
  • Empathy
  • Vulnerability
90 min workshops that include digital worksheets.
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