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Solving Together

When asked how team members can earn trust, most leaders said, “by asking for help.”

But how do you ensure team members are able to both effectively ask for help and offer the right type of support? Using real work challenges as a starting point, this workshop introduces participants to various tools they can apply that help to bring clarity to problem solving.

This interactive workshop teaches teams how to:

Through this workshop, participants will connect with each other, tap into their creativity and explore news tools, skills and behaviours to solve problems collectively.
Skills & Behaviours it Strengthens:
Great for Teams of:

About the Downloadable Workshop

About the

Everything you need to create a meaningful and playful learning experience for your team is included in this workshop.

*This workshop is designed exclusively for a single group of up-to 50 people and is not meant to be shared. If you’d like to use our workshops for various teams, please contact us for corporate licensing.

Workshop Kit



Workshop Guideline

+60 min

199 CAD

Workshop Presentation


*Receive 3 workshops for $499 CAD.

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