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We're Glee Factor

A work culture management firm that helps organizations transform their cultures by enabling teams to adopt and activate new behaviors through play.

We work with leaders to evaluate their work culture, identify the challenges, and required behaviors to alter the existing culture and implement and activate those behaviors within teams through creative collective experiences

Because the only way to embrace a new work culture is through thoughtful participation.

Organizations that actively manage their culture report a 30% rise in innovation and a 40% increase in retention.

To stay relevant, organizations are constantly evolving. Our human-centered approach allows colleagues to make genuine connections and behavioral changes that lead to stronger, more creative and dynamic teams that are better equipped to face external challenges.

In creating stronger work cultures, we are consummate collaborators. Supporting leaders in building a strong, empathetic culture and team dynamic. No matter your challenge, we help teams transform and thrive.

Let’s connect, play and grow — together.

Our Solution

Developing engaged employees, connected teams and thriving cultures doesn’t happen overnight.

Because the only way to embrace a new work culture is through thoughtful participation.

We work closely with leaders to collect the relevant data and develop their ideal work culture framework.

We create a roadmap that helps enterprises visualize existing work culture shortcomings. This roadmap enables us to identify the behaviors that need to be implemented within the team.

Implementation and Activation
Our creative learning experiences are uniquely designed 6- and 12-month programs, in which employees learn how to foster their unique aptitudes and earn the confidence to take risks in bringing new behaviors to existing team dynamics.



Half-day creative learning experiences designed to discuss work culture topics, practice team behaviors and individual skills and attitudes and develop action plans to bring these learnings into the workplace.



Small moments of connection at the workplace to implement the action plans developed by the team during the GleeLabs.

6 month Program
Bi-monthly GleeLabs, for a total of 3, to shake up unhealthy team dynamics.

12 month Program
Bi-monthly GleeLabs, for a total of 6, for when you really need it.

All of our services are customized, personalized and flexible to your team’s needs. Contact us to discuss details!

How We Connect, play, Grow

How We


Play, Grow

The Glee Factor solution is based on the unique methodology of “Connect, Play, Grow”.

Inspired and guided by this research-based framework, we combine organizational behavior, social psychology, creativity and education to create a psychologically safe space in which employees start taking risks in connecting, sharing, learning, creating and transforming their team dynamics and work environments.

We interviewed hundreds of professionals, conducted focus groups and have long worked with academic researchers from various universities across Canada and have compiled and integrated their expertise with ours including the feedback and insights gathered from our clients into our offerings.

How It Works

How It


The core of our solution is play. By creating a low-risk environment through our creative methodology, we enable new ideas and dynamics to emerge.
This playful safe space allows participants to get to know and connect to each other on a human level, play and collaborate over a meaningful and creative experience and test new communications patterns and ultimately grow into individuals and teams that push the boundaries of conventional thinking while practicing creativity and innovation.

Some of our GleeLabs

Some of our





Framing Vulnerability

Vulnerability, Empathy

Practicing Diversity

Diversity, Inclusion

Living Values

Values, Essence






Growing with Glee

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